Stretch Ceiling Weise

Light stretch ceilings to create perfect picture illusions or 3D representations - these are our favorite work - normal stretch ceiling processing is our daily bread.

Vision & Control GmbH

Vision & Control - We make machines see and thus make hidden things visible.
Our products control production systems avoid errors, rejects and thus also complaints - and can therefore be manufactured cost-effectively.
We enable precision in the micrometer range.

Integromed GmbH

Integromed is your one-stop provider of customized solutions for healthcare facilities. With our exceptional full-service approach, we guide you through all project phases and make your solution exactly fitting to your needs.

Together, we create outstanding environments for hospital staff and patients alike.

Synantik GmbH

Synantik GmbH is your partner for the customer-specific development and production of electronic assemblies and devices for industrial, scientific and private applications. Our core competencies are in the area of ​​measurement, control and regulation technology.

Eugen Helm Formenbau und Thermoplastverarbeitung GmbH

We specialize in processing an extensive range of all common thermoplastic materials, in particular glass fiber reinforced polyamides.
With the proven combination of in-house toolmaking and injection molding departments, we are able to meet the wishes and demands of our customers.

Werbehaus360 GmbH & Co. KG

„Werbehaus360“ offers innovative advertising, sign making as well as amazing results in large scale printing - even up to 5m x 60 fabrics without any seam. We glamourise your image of Gigapixel!

Mister Wallpaper

Mister Wallpaper - custom printed wallpaper murals a& large format prints - worldwide shipping

Modulit Solutions

Modul IT Solutions is the multi-brand distributor with over 3000 active customers in more than 27 European countries. Our comprehensive offering includes everything is needed for Pro AV installers and system integrators — from ergonomic solutions for offices to a full range of audio-visual equipment from more than a dozen of carefully chosen brands from Europe, USA and South East Asia. On top of this we provide consultations on system design and project implementation as well as effective and affordable logistic services across Europe.


Pfeffergrafik - I bring pepper into your advertising!
You are looking for a graphic designer for your individual brand identity, you want to increase the awareness of your company or win new customers? Then you've come to the right place! As a graphic designer, I support you in developing a target group-oriented advertising strategy for your company. Starting with the logo up to the website you will find everything your company needs in terms of advertising!


NBRX - we support your company in the energy transition

As the dynamic company behind the GreenExperts network, we connect our partners with industrial companies that are looking for sustainable solutions. Through our powerful network, we are committed to sustainability, efficiency and innovation. Our goal is to help companies become carbon neutral and achieve their sustainability goals. Take the next step towards a more sustainable future with us!


Ühleke Training & Coaching

Distribution. Simple. Do.

Imagine that you know your customer's individual wishes, needs and motives and that you speak their language.
Then you turn a customer into a fan. How does that sound to you?
Sales expert Dominik Ühleke helps salespeople and consultants to understand their customers and to convince them of their products and services by addressing them in a way that is appropriate to their type.


workplace checker

I am the checker, the workplace checker and set up workplaces according to ergonomic aspects and my puzzle principle. Since we are all different, I adapt each workplace individually to the person. No matter if a little bigger, a little smaller, a little heavier, a little lighter.
Which benefit has the customer by my consultation and furnishing.
Keeping the employees healthy
Reduction of sick leave days
More motivation, concentration, performance, appreciation, employee loyalty
Preventive measures

Kathrin Schmidt KS-Wohndesign

physical therapist & interior designer

Healthy work- and livingspaces with natural aesthetics. Ergonomic Workplace solutions and designconcepts for medical facilities and therapy. Natural materials, hcl lighting, acoustics and the insights of architectural psychology are always part of my work.

Spanndecken Markowski GmbH

Welcome to the fascinating world of stretch ceilings, where elegance, creativity and technical innovation transform spaces. Our company stands for design, quality and precision craftsmanship in interior design.

Our mission: to transform rooms into works of art. Using modern materials and techniques, we create aesthetically stunning and durable stretch ceilings. Our team of designers and craftsmen implement ideas to enhance the character of a space.

Our stretch ceiling store goes beyond the sale. Interior design is an emotional journey. Our store turns ideas into reality. Design rooms the way you want and implement projects yourself.

LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH

What started around 30 years ago as a garage business in Ravensburg at Lake Constance is now an international lighting manufacturer. LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH develops, produces and distributes luminaires for superior architectural and retail lighting, hospitality and office. Thanks to our experts, special customer requests and individual lighting solutions can be realised flexibly and short-term.



ArtOwls – The Graphic Design Studio is a full-service graphic design firm providing effective solutions for digital, print, and web. We partner with clients to build cohesive brand identities, including custom websites and marketing materials such as logos, catalogs, brochures, print ads, posters, and trade-show booth graphics.