Stretch Ceiling Weise

Light stretch ceilings to create perfect picture illusions or 3D representations - these are our favorite work - normal stretch ceiling processing is our daily bread.

Vision & Control GmbH

Vision & Control - We make machines see and thus make hidden things visible.
Our products control production systems avoid errors, rejects and thus also complaints - and can therefore be manufactured cost-effectively.
We enable precision in the micrometer range.

Integromed GmbH

Integromed is your one-stop provider of customized solutions for healthcare facilities. With our exceptional full-service approach, we guide you through all project phases and make your solution exactly fitting to your needs.

Together, we create outstanding environments for hospital staff and patients alike.

Synantik GmbH

Synantik GmbH is your partner for the customer-specific development and production of electronic assemblies and devices for industrial, scientific and private applications. Our core competencies are in the area of ​​measurement, control and regulation technology.

Eugen Helm Formenbau und Thermoplastverarbeitung GmbH

We specialize in processing an extensive range of all common thermoplastic materials, in particular glass fiber reinforced polyamides.
With the proven combination of in-house toolmaking and injection molding departments, we are able to meet the wishes and demands of our customers.

Werbehaus360 GmbH & Co. KG

Das Werbehaus360 bietet innovative Werbetechnik sowie hochauflösende Großformatbilder und Stoffgrafiken bis 5m x 60m Druckgröße ohne Naht. Unsere Werbetechniker zaubern aus Ihrem Gigapixel-Bild ein Erlebnis!

Mister Wallpaper

Mister Wallpaper - custom printed wallpaper murals a& large format prints - worldwide shipping