Sustainability Agreement Thuringia

The Gigapixel GmbH team is aware that climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity. We actively try to act ecologically in all of our decisions, this may also include spending more money if this means reducing the burden on the environment.


Since October 31, 2018, we have also made a conscious decision to participate in the Thuringia Sustainability Agreement.

Black Lives Matter

We are aware that every life in itself is important, but we are of the opinion that people of color in particular must be given a conscious platform, as they are more disadvantaged than all other groups. We are not only looking with concern at everything that is happening in the States, but we also do not close our eyes what is happening in Germany.


No to racism

Racism led to the darkest and most hideous chapter in German history. We are based in Weimar directly on the mountain where the Buchenwald Concentration Camp Memorial is located. It is terrifying to us what humans are capable of doing. In order to never come close to such inhuman atrocities again, it is a matter of course for us to be against racism. For us, this means not only to be against Nazis and all their offshoots, such as the AFD (German extreme right wing party), but also to consciously take action against everyday racism.



Since not everyone is aware of what the long abbreviation means:


"L" Lesbian, "G" Gay, "B" Bisexual, "T" Transgender, "Q" Queer, "I" Intersexual, "A" Asexual, "+" any other orientation

We understand that sexual orientation is not a "choice". We respect every person as they are.