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We like to support projects that we find interesting, are fans of or are related to our hobbies. We often participate with small contributions that are collected by everyone together. These projects are usually non-commercial.

Lapporten Project - Highline Project

The Lapporten Project is not only a world record. It is the hardest highline ever rigged.


Under the midnight sun, in the wind tunnel of Lapporten in northern Scandinavia, a team of dedicated athletes and riggers crossed the massive gap.


Creative Connection For Communities e.V.

Support since it was founded in 2021

Creative Connection For Communities e.V.

We support art and culture in disadvantaged communities.


Funding 2020 - release of the film in 2021

SQUADRON: A Star Trek Fan Production (don't forget to turn on subtitles in EN/PT/DE/IT or CZ)

At the height of the Dominion War, four starships are sent to patrol a remote sector. Real problems arise when Dominion agents attempt to hijack one of the ships and bomb a nearby neutral world.


Directed by: Tereza Junová

Written by: Jan Kotouč

Music by: Jan Rybář

Starring: Michal Husák, Jakub Holý, Jana Peclová and others..

Producer: Tereza Junová

Executive producer: Tereza Junová, Jakub Holý

Co-Producer: Karel Škop

Produced by: Terka Fanproduction, MadBros Production, Street Light Production, Made in Titan

Shot in Ateliery Berunice, Czech Republic in 2019 & 2020. The film is subtitled in English, Portugeese and Czech.

©SquadronProductions 2021

Interlude - The Axanar Fan Film

Support 2019 - release of the film in 2021

We are all Trekkies here and so it was a no brainer for us to support this project.


Interlude: The Axanar Fan Film.

Executive Producer: Jonathan Lane

Director: Victoria Fox

Director of Photography: Joshua Irwin


Interlude takes place in the Axanar universe and tells the story of the first encounters by the Federation ships with the Klingon D-7s.

Interlude stars Alec Peters as Garth of Izar and Warren Hawk as Captain Jakande.