[Translate to English:] 16.12.2022 Podcast Casa Clou in conversation with Daniel Richter

The podcast casa clou - Home of Amzing People interviewed CEO Daniel Richter about his career. There are interesting insights into how the Gigapixel portal came into being and what difficulties there were. Of course, there is also a lot of personal information.


28.09.2022 Daniel Richter has joined the BNI.

CEO Daniel Richter has now joined the online BNI Cheapter Anna Amalia in Weimar. BNI (Business International Network) is a referral network. Whoever is interested in a Power 121 can simply make an appointment. If you are interested in joining the online BNI Cheapter Anna Amalia in Weimar as a guest (German language), you can also leave a short message.


11.04.2022 largest 3D fractal in the world

11.04.2022 we finished the largest 3D Fraktal in the word.

Incredible 85 556 250 000 pixel (85 Gigapixel)


11.11.2020 Relaunch: The Large Format Stocks from Gigapixel GmbH has a new, modern, clear and minimalist design

The Stock Portal (https://gigapixel.gmbh) from Gigapixel GmbH is the only stock portal in the world that specifically specializes in high-resolution images. The sizes range from 100 megapixels to the multiple gigapixel range.

Thanks to the responsive design, navigation in the bilingual portal (German and English) is easy and clear on all end devices. A special feature is the zoomable previews, which are now also possible on mobile devices, with which every pixel of the image can be viewed carefully before purchasing. No more nasty surprises after printing.

The Stock Portal completely dispenses with user accounts in order to do justice to the philosophy of the minimum possible data collection.

01.07.2020 world premiere - first VR Gigapixel Gallery for "everyone"

Corona has also driven us to go new creative ways. We have taken our trade fair VR gigapixel version further and made it available to everyone to succumb to the fascination of gigapixel images. We opted for the STEAM platform because it is the largest platform and is decisive in the VR area with the support of most computer-based VR solutions.



As a bonus, the resolution of the headset is the limiting factor. Thus, at least the image material that we show is timeless as far as human eyesight is the limit. Until the headsets have arrived there, our application can also serve as a subjective visual benchmark.

05.03.2020 Craftsmen forum

We were represented with a booth at the Handwerkerforum in Erfurt with our VR Gigapixel gallery.

15.02.2020 Central German craft fair in Leipzig

Gigapixel GmbH was selected by the Erfurt Chamber of Crafts to represent the chamber district at the Central German Crafts Fair in Leipzig.


As a premiere, we will present our VR Gigapixel gallery to a broad public for the first time at a trade fair. The prototype application was developed in mid-2019 and initially shown to interested customers in order to gain an understanding of quality, size and viewing distance.


The VR Gigapixel Gallery was further developed for the fair in order to bring the topic of gigapixels closer to an audience in a more playful way.

22.11.2019 Relocation of company headquarters to Weimar

The management decided to move the company headquarters from Ilmenau to Weimar. In addition to larger rooms, the name Weimar is recognizable worldwide, which Ilmenau unfortunately never was able to do. Since we still want to remain loyal to Thuringia, since we have taken our first steps here, there was only the poet and thinker city Weimar with all its ups and downs in history. Weimar is world-famous through Goethe and Schiller, as well as the Bauhaus, but also through the Weimar Republic, whose namesake Weimar is, and the darkest chapter in German history, the Buchenwald concentration camp.


The new company headquarters are in the north of Weimar in the industrial estate. We like the location very much, especially since the distances to Erfurt or Jena are extremely short. However, we are now happy to have managed the whole move while upholding full operation.

16.05.2019 Awarding of the mentor needle to Daniel Richter - Managing Director of Gigapixel GmbH

Daniel is a volunteer mentor in Thuringia and helps young founders or simply people who deal with the topic of self-employment with questions and answers on this topic for free.


Photo credits: Sandro Jödicke from the Whitedesk agency for ThEx Mentoring / RKW Thüringen e.V.

15.11.2018 Sustainability Agreement Thuringia Handover of the certificate

On November 15, 2018, Daniel Richter was ceremoniously presented with the certificate for the sustainability agreement.


Photo credit: NAThüringen

As of November 5th, 2018, Gigapixel Ltd. to Gigapixel GmbH

Due to the Brexit, the management decided to found the company Gigapixel as a GmbH. We are very sorry that we have decided to give up our Limited status. We are a global company with customers on every continent (except for Antarctica). We deliberately chose a Limited, as this legal form is known worldwide. Unfortunately, due to the very poor handling of Brexit and the fatal actions of the British Parliament, we were forced to pull the emergency rope. As of today, we still don't know what will happen with a limited company outside the UK, unfortunately the German government or the EU Parliament have not said anything on the subject of how things will proceed legally. We could found an Irish Limited, but since we have burned our fingers once and have to post a loss of annual sales (working time + associated costs, e.g. legal nature) with the start-up, we have decided to change the legal form to GmbH, which is unfortunately worldwide quite unknown.


Our existing customers will see no difference apart from a change in legal form, change of bank details and change in sales tax number. From the point of view of our customers, the changeover has so far been carried out smoothly, as there have never been any communication bottlenecks.

17.05.2018 Sustainability Agreement Thuringia

We meet the criteria for participating in the NAT (Sustainability Agreement Thuringia) and of course we also take part in this.




07.05.2018 konTHAKt #Ilmenau

Daniel Richter Managing Director of Gigapixel Ltd. was a podium guest at the KonTHAKt Ilmenau. The topic: company growth


19.04.2018 PICTAday 2018

For PICTAday 2018, professional picture providers and picture buyers met on April 19 in the old congress hall in Munich. We were also represented with a booth and can say that we were one of the highlights at the fair. Many of the professional picture buyers did not yet know that there is now a portal that offers high-resolution pictures. In this regard alone, the trade fair was a complete success for us.


15.02.2018 - 7. Renewable Energy and Climate Conference

We were at the 7th Renewable Energy and Climate Conference with a small booth to present NatureLux.

NatureLux can serve as a replacement for lighting and at the same time have a positive effect on health.


Nature and light in rooms - from November 27, 2017

Ever since we humans settled in huts and houses, we consciously design our living space. The architecture, interior design and lighting mood have a direct influence on wellbeing. Today we have apartments designed by interior designers, hang beautiful pictures on the wall, put flowers in the living room and adapt the decorations to the seasons. We try everything so that our living spaces also become living spaces.

But hospitals, medical practices or old people's homes in particular - places where the focus is on people's wellbeing and health - are rarely designed to be liveable.

Instead of dark rooms whose windows reveal a view of dreary concrete walls, the view could also wander over an alpine panorama, wander between the thick tree trunks of a green forest or lose oneself in the leafy branches of the treetops.


The NatureLux® motif light walls bring green oases into the middle of hospitals, waiting areas, operating theaters or hospital rooms. The panels consist of a combination of high-resolution images with light walls, which can be used for decorative as well as for lighting purposes. This creates a calming atmosphere for patients and caregivers alike.

This new room concept was presented for the first time at Medica 2017, the world's largest medical trade fair in Düsseldorf. NatureLux® was developed in cooperation with three companies: Gigapixel Ltd., the world's only operator of a photo database for extremely high-resolution images starting from 100 megapixels with images even in the multiple gigapixel range; Synantik GmbH, the supplier for the light panels; and Intergromed GmbH, who provide the wall system and take over sales in the health sector.


Recover faster in a healthy environment

The starting point for the development of NatureLux® is the holistic Healing Environment approach, which creates a connection between the structural environment design, the patient's condition and the costs for medical operations. Staying in nature, rooms illuminated by daylight or the view of a green landscape have positive effects on the patient's recovery. This reduces stress, prevents certain diseases (e.g. weather-related illnesses such as winter depression) and generally makes the stay more pleasant.

Regardless of location and weather, the NatureLux® motif light walls always offer a view of the green nature. The light intensity can be individually adjusted to different patient needs. In particular, patients in intensive care units who do not have a large radius of movement and who are often in rooms without daylight quickly lose track of the time of day. This has a negative impact on their recovery, sleep, and metabolic processes. The motif light walls are provided with an LED matrix that simulates the white color palette of daylight and can thus imitate a daylight rhythm. The patient's internal clock can be adjusted to a normal daily routine.

The motif walls also have a calming effect on the nursing staff. This creates a more pleasant working atmosphere and minimizes the risk of mistakes.


Razor-sharp, versatile, quick installation

The panels consist of a combination of glass, the picture motif and an LED matrix, the color temperature of which can be adjusted and comes very close to real daylight. Depending on requirements, the motif elements can be connected to suitable music, which can be controlled via Bluetooth.

Since rooms or corridors usually do not offer the possibility of moving far enough away from the photo motif for aesthetic enjoyment, it is particularly important for the motif light walls that they are razor sharp in the immediate vicinity. This is guaranteed by the high-resolution photo technology.

In the photo stock portal of Gigapixel Ltd. (http://large-format.photos) different nature motifs can be selected, which can be exchanged later. In the stock portal there are also pictures specifically for room design, which work in sections. For them, it is primarily not about the motif but about the feeling that the picture transports. A beautiful picture on the wall creates a whole sense of space.

The installation of NatureLux® by qualified personnel is quick and easy. The panels either replace the existing ceiling tiles and area lights or are built in modularly as wall systems. They are then put into operation using a simple plug & play principle.


Author: Lisa Partzsch (freelance journalist: lisa_partzsch@web.de)

Press article from the Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung from March 24th, 2017

Press article from the Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung from February 19, 2016

Press release from November 3, 2015 - The Large Format Stock Portal is an exhibitor at "Digitization in Crafts"

The Large Format Stock Portal took part in the trade fair, Digitization in Crafts: Innovative. Sustainable. Qualified? "On November 3rd in Erfurt.


We presented our stock portal and our latest high-resolution photographs from London and Paris on our stock portal. In addition, we demonstrated to the numerous visitors to our booth what qualitative difference high-resolution photographs actually offer in print.


This attracted particular interest from manufacturers of stretch ceilings, interior architects and also painters who put photo wallpapers for their customers. We were also happy to have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other companies from the region, which were also represented at the fair, and to maintain existing contacts.


Press release from June 18, 2015 - Visit of the Lord Mayor of Ilmenau to the Large Format Stock Portal

On June 18, Gerd-Michael Seeber, the Lord Mayor of Ilmenau, visited our studio in Ilmenau at Friesenstrasse 2. He was impressed by the high quality and resolution of our photographs. He also made detailed inquiries about the various areas in which our photographs are used by our customers, such as interior decoration, outdoor advertising, truck tarpaulins or stretch ceilings.


A detailed report on the visit appeared in the Thüringer Allgemeine Zeitung. You can find the article under the following link:



Press release from June 3, 2015 - The Large Format Stockportal is the winner of the 12th Thuringian Elevator Pitch

The Large Format Stock Portal presented its business concept and its vision for further growth to an audience of 300 people in the Kaisersaal in Erfurt as part of the 12th Thuringian Elevator Pitch. The 180-second pitch successfully convinced the jurors and was chosen as one of the five winners. The price of 2000 € was donated by the GRUENDEL law firm.


In addition, the large format stock portal was represented with an information booth on the supporting program of the elevator pitch. There it presented the Large Format Stock Portal. A large format print that was brought along also demonstrated the fascination of high-resolution photographs in print.


The Large Format Stock Portal, which is a product of Gigapixel Ltd. from Ilmenau, went online for the first time in April 2015. Only high-resolution photographs are offered for sale as files on the portal. All photographs have a minimum resolution of 100 megapixels. Such high-resolution photographs are used for interior decoration, for shop window advertising and the design of exhibition stands. The portal's customers therefore include marketing agencies, graphic designers, stand builders, photo wallpaper manufacturers and stretch ceiling manufacturers.


In addition to the high resolution of the images on the Large Format Stock, the portal is characterized by the ability to zoom into the images. This means that the images can be viewed in full size before purchasing. It is particularly interesting that the zoom function works in html5 and without Flash.


Reports in the press:



Press release of March 30, 2015 - First stock portal with photographs for large format printing

Gigapixel Ltd., a startup from Thuringia, has developed a new online stock portal that offers extremely high-resolution photographs as stock images.


High-resolution photographs are primarily required for creating large-format advertising. Nowadays, commissioned work is usually used in such cases, as today's stock portals only offer photographs with low resolution, which are not suitable for high-quality large format printing.


The Large Format Stock Portal, which can be found at www.large-format.photos, offers a solution for this, as it sells photographs with a resolution of more than 100 megapixels as part of the world's largest high-resolution stock. The largest photographs have a resolution of up to 20,000 megapixels or 20 gigapixels. With these photographs, prints of 4 x 3 m and larger with 100 dpi are possible without any problems. With the many images with gigapixel resolution in the stock, even prints from 100 dpi up to the size of the Brandenburg Gate are possible.


Since stock photographs can be offered significantly cheaper than commissioned work, the Large Format Stock Portal enables you to create large-format advertising of the highest quality at significantly lower costs than before. The prices for the high-resolution photographs start at € 90.


In addition to the high resolution of the images on the Large Format Stock, the portal is characterized by the ability to zoom into the images. This means that the images can be viewed in full size before purchasing. It is particularly interesting that the zoom function works in html5 and without Flash. With this zoom technology, the portal also wants to differentiate itself from other stock portals on the market.